Coutts & Co Monaco 

14 Avenue de Grande-Bretagne
Monte Carlo

Swift Code: COUTMCM1

Branch opens from 9am to 5pm weekdays, except for public holidays

Contact - Simon Dennett

Coutts Bank Monaco isn't one of the biggest in the Principality's banking industry, but it does have a reputation for excellence when it comes to wealth management. Request our report for more information - account opening forms can be mailed or sent by email and contains information about Monaco property as well.


Most clients considering Coutts Monaco will already have an account with Coutts elsewhere but it's not a prerequisite, and our report will show you who best to get in touch with at the Monaco branch along with information such as current interest rates, services and contact details for those considering opening an account.

If you are considering other banks the banks in Monaco report will save hours of research time with a comparison between Coutts, Barclays, HSBC, Credit Suisse, UBS, Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale and BNP Paribas for interest rates, minimum opening deposits and types of account available.


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There aren't many banks in Europe who have maintained a good reputation since the banking crises led to governments bailing many of them out, but Coutts is one of them, even though they themselves have been subject to some fines in their UK operations.

They have a reputation of a quality player in the banking industry, with British royalty, aristocracy and celebrities who have made money opting for an account, and if they take residency often they will have a Coutts Monaco bank account.

Renowned for their private banking, Coutts & Co were taken over by RBS in 2000, and when RBS were bailed out by the UK government they effectively became owned by the British taxpayer.

Their UK headquarters are in The Strand London and Coutts Monaco are based in Monte Carlo.

The bank is over three hundred years old, but it wasn't for a couple of hundred years before they were opened a branch outside of London and later still before they became international when they opened a branch in Geneva Switzerland.

Today they have a reputation for wealth management, and they are able to offer this in Monte Carlo as well as offering everyday banking services including an online facility, deposit and current account and other items.

For our report on Coutts Monaco apply today and it will include currently offered interest rates, what services are provided, address and contact details along with details of other banks in Monaco so you can compare and see which of the financial institutions might be best suited for your individual needs and circumstances.

Also available now is information for those considering property and residency. For the latest details visit our residency and property page.