HSBC Bank Monaco

17 Avenue d'Ostende

Swift Code: BLICMCMC

Opening hours 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday, excluding public holidays

The account opening forms can be mailed or emailed.

If you would like to have the account opening forms sent to you, and direct contact details of who best to contact at HSBC Monaco, the minimum opening balance, current interest rates and what services are available request our free report and we'll email it to you so you are fully informed.

The report also compares HSBC's interest rates, types of account available and minimum deposits with Barclays, Lloyds TSB, Coutts, UBS, Societe Generale, Deutsche Bank, BNP Parisbas and Credit Suisse.


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With over 7,000 branches HSBC can truly be regarded as a global bank, and while their Monte Carlo office is just one of thousands it attracts staff of the highest calibre.

Like many of the banks in Monaco the people who work there often have experience in banking elsewhere, typically in London, Switzerland and Dubai, and their experience is good news for those who want to open an HSBC Monaco bank account.

The full range of services is available to clients including wealth management and investment advice, as well as day to day banking services.

Personnel are available in the Monte Carlo office to help and advise clients, while those who are confident enough to handle their own investments have access to their e-banking, with as many or as few facilities available online as required. If you are considering residency and Monaco property we can send you details of those from both the estate agents and those individuals who are selling their apartments privately.

It's useful to know who is best to approach at the bank. Calling their office means it's pot luck as to who will be handling your account.

Request our report here and we will advise who has a good reputation for answering emails, taking your calls and when in a meeting returning your call in a timely manner plus it will give important information about real estate and residency if you are looking at Monaco property. As in any organisation some are better at doing this than others, and it's important in today's world that you have someone to connect with, including at HSBC when you open an account there, whether it be a normal retail account, wealth management or other matters.